Graham Dell

Graham Dell, CPA (Certified Party Animal), has been with the operation since the great winter of 2017 and has brought with him that California Cool attitude, lots of avocado toast and liberal use of words like 'Akaw!', 'Cowabunga' and 'Radical'; this laid-back dude has been 'shootin' the curls' so to speak and has 'shoulder hopped' his way to the peak of party time, brosef. Sporting the personal motto 'We're all equal before a wave' Gman brings totally deep vibes to the work front everyday, all day. When not shreddin' waves, Graham likes to partake in drum circles by the water at sunset, hacky-sacking and just straight up chilln like a villain but who are we kidding, there's no 'off-time' when waves are this righteous, am I right? 

"Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear." Buzzy Trent, friend and protégé of Graham Dell and total sic dude yo.