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    Jason Parkes

    Wine Maker

    A riddle. A Mystery. A mystery wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a vest. A man of the Earth, this most jovial of chaps our lovely Jason might well be the greatest winemaker nobody’s heard of. But we have, and we love him. And we love his wines. And we love that he makes our wines. Jason is refreshing relaxed for a man with such great responsibilities.

    Better know a ‘winemaker‘ series of fun facts:

    1. Boxers or Briefs? Neither. Prefers a silky négligée.
    2. List of favourite herbs most to least: Sage, Parsley, Thyme, Rosemary
    3. Highlight of career thus far: That time he turned an actual grape into an actual wine. It was awesome.
    4. Disraeili or Gladstone?: Neither. Life long Peelite
    5. Wish he was a little bit taller, wish he was a baller, wish he had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six four Impala?: Yes to all above.

    Looking to contact Jason by email? No. Preferred contact method is carrier pigeon.

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    Graham Dell

    CRO - Chief Relaxation Officer

    Graham Dell, CPA (Certified Party Animal), has been with the operation since the great winter of 2017 and has brought with him that California Cool attitude, lots of avocado toast and liberal use of words like 'Akaw!', 'Cowabunga' and 'Radical'; this laid-back dude has been 'shootin' the curls' so to speak and has 'shoulder hopped' his way to the peak of party time, brosef. Sporting the personal motto 'We're all equal before a wave' Gman brings totally deep vibes to the work front everyday, all day. When not shreddin' waves, Graham likes to partake in drum circles by the water at sunset, hacky-sacking and just straight up chilln like a villain but who are we kidding, there's no 'off-time' when waves are this righteous, am I right? 

    "Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear." Buzzy Trent, friend and protégé of Graham Dell and total sic dude yo.

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    Mikayla Jones


    There's a lot that could and should be said about Mikayla Jones. One could talk about her upbringing, her dedication and passion towards things. One could mention the fact that she has hobbies, and probably dreams of some sort. One could also recall that incredible story of her winning the 1994 Tennessee State U21 spelling bee. One could do a lot of things you might say, but obviously we won't do any of that. I would do anything for love, anything you've been dreaming of, but I just won't do that. What I will do is say that Mikayla Jones is a terrific albeit tiny human being who is of a delightful disposition and has a smile that will warm the coldest of heart cockles, and that's a hatch guarantee! Don't believe us? Whatevs.


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    Paul Morstad

    Esteemed artist

    For it was with Paul that our humble little hatch, 'the hatch', found its look. Much like Stella getting her groove back, the vivacious Paul Morstad allowed us to get out of our rut, and into a grove.

    Paul was raised in the Western provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The geography, people, flora and fauna of these places have a strong influence on his paintings, drawings, and films. He lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

    Obviously, Paul's art is amazing much in the sense that the human who created it, Paul, is also amazing. Circular logic always wins the day, and in doing so, here's a link to Paul's site where you gaze in amazement at the majesty of his mind: http://paulmorstad.com/

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    Jessie Marshall

    Right Hand Woman/Shipping Expert

    Have you ever wondered what the human embodiment of sipping a mint julep on the back of a motorbike in pleated trousers would look like? Same. Well, look no further. This timeless and ethereal creature exists in the form of our very own, Jessie Marshall. Think Adeline meets Tralfamadorians meets Brian Robson, the box boy. Speaking of travel, Jessie is the kind, courageous warrior who reigns daily battle in our box fortress to ship wine right to your front door! Credits include: Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress as Stella Kowalski (A Streetcar Named Desire, 1951), Breaking the Table, and operating the flying car in Grease. 


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    Frances Whittaker

    Assistant to The Regional Manager

    This defo cobber hails from Jolly Olde Queen's Land! Although BFF's with Lizzie herself, Frances is responsible for bringing the party rock to our house tonight! With a sunshiney personality that has been rumoured to light the trenches of the Hadelpalagic Zone and make Hades himself chuckle in delight, Frances is surely the best Team Spirit Captain we've ever imagined, let alone had. Go Fran! Go! Fran’s peppy personality really does check out when you learn she is the lovechild of Kirsten Dunst of Bring It On and Emma Bunton.