The Ides of March go Marching (hopefully)
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The Ides of March go Marching (hopefully)

the hatch wines


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Feeling stuck in the seasonal doldrums? Downtrodden & Dried Out? Fear not always, hatch has hatched an answer. Imbibe in a selection of highly splash-able & smash-able springtime tipples, even if the weather fails. Sponsored by Acidity, Freshness, Intrigue & Irreverence. 


This "deal of your life" case of extravagance includes:

2 x 2019 Flipping the Bird Rose

2 x 2019 Cyclops Love

2 x 2019 Sweet P

2 x 2019 Hobo Gewurztraminer

2 x 2019 Lifecycle of a Hobo

2 x 2019 Pinot Gris


Let the Ides go Marching .