March Madness Spring Sixer!
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March Madness Spring Sixer!

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 The March Madness Spring Sixer Box Deal!

A limited availability feature deal including 4 freshly released hatch favourites and 2 delicious reds perfectly suited to this special time of year when we blast the heat on our drive to work, and pump the a/c on the drive home.  Just to be clear, none of these bottles should be consumed on your way to or from work, but however else you choose to get these down the hatch, you have our full support, be that with a straw, a beer bong, or the horror that is stemless glassware ;).

This box includes:

1 x 2022 Flipping the Bird Rose

1 x 2022 Gobsmacked Sweet P

1 x 2022 A Gris to Disagree

1 x 2020 Gobsmacked PS I Love You

1 x 2020 Dynasty Red

1 x 2022 Octobubble