the hatch 2021 'Lifecycle of a Hobo'
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the hatch 2021 'Lifecycle of a Hobo'

the hatch


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the taste

It’s hard to capture the persona of a grape variety that exists on the fringes of consumer culture, making Müller the apropos leader of these vaunted vagabonds.

In this case, it drinks like Lemon-Drop shots on a Patio, in the Rain, during an afternoon in August. Also, in the modern era of petrol being expensive as heck, this offers enough Gasoline/Kerosene Oily-ness to “Get the Motors Running”.

the story

The Hobos of the Great Depression serve as a huge inspiration for both ourselves and visionary Paul Morstad. “Hobo”, not being a slur but deriving from a fusion of the words “Homeward Bound”. The self-described hobos of “The Great Depression” would ride the rails, bouncing from boxcar to boxcar and wander from town to town in attempt to find a sense of place. Using Paul’s transportive art, which was painted atop an antique map, we combined the thematic ideology of this composition in conjunction with the idea that some grape varietals take on the notion of being a ‘hobo’. Müller Thurgau is a grape variety that found favour amidst other Germanic Aromatic grape varieties in the burgeoning of the Okanagan wine game but has since fallen from grace/perceivable popularity. This marvelous bit of obscurity reigns supreme in our hobo echelon.