the hatch 2021 B. Yanco
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the hatch 2021 B. Yanco

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the taste

As you know, Yanco, B. is the official house wine of all things hatch related and a wine we encourage drinking with nothing less than the most reckless of abandon. For 2020 we made a B of 43% Chardonnay from Jagger Rock aided by 37% Roussanne and bits of Viognier and Gew. That gives you another wonderfully clean, crisp, crush-able and refreshing kick at the can; as they say. What a time to alive and drinking B!

the story

For those B. Yanco completists this is the 6th vintage of our boi B here and certainly the most playfully classic version of him in years. A purity, some might say. The depth, the character. The whimsy of it all! What did you expect from the only Nobel Laureate wine that is also a hip-hop kung-fu dance dance revolutionary? Ultimately though, B. Yanco fills that hole in your head that wine is meant to be placed in with a reckless abandon rarely seen before. Ride the wave, get the B.