the hatch 2020 'hobo series' Gamay
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the hatch 2020 'hobo series' Gamay

the hatch


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the taste

Raspberry Jam, Boozy Cherries and other delicate herbal-like flavors that scream out “Gamay! Gamay! Gamay!” Great with an empty glass, but also light fares like salmon, tuna, or anything with wings. Chill it...or whatever, we don't control your life. 

the story

The Hobos of the Great Depression served as a huge inspiration for both us and Paul. Hobo, not being a slur but deriving from “Homeward Bound”. The self-titled hobos of the depression would ride the rails, and wander from town to town. Using Paul’s transportive art, which was painted atop an antique map, we combined the thematic ideology of this composition in conjunction with the idea that some grape varietals take on the notion of being a ‘hobo’. We feel no grape more accurately represents the reality of being underappreciated than Gamay Noir. Kicked out of Burgundy numerous times for the favour of the enigmatic and fame-driven Pinot Noir, no one knows the labours of life on the road better than our humble friend, Gamay. We felt this misfit deserved a place on our shelf and we were lucky enough to acquire a home vineyard with a fair amount of it, and the rest is history. So give this hobo a home, after all, everyone loves an underdog.