the hatch 2019 rhymes with door hinge
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the hatch 2019 rhymes with door hinge

the hatch


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Each vintage of “rhymes with” is an evolution from the last, always a synaptic somersault of aromatics, flavor & mouthfeel. On the nose there are characteristics of Rooibos tea & citrus rind. Apricot & citrus shine through with an edgy tannic finish which is part & parcel with the style.

Inspired by Paul's beautiful 'Earl Gray', this painting is a depiction of an elderly couple fleeing domestic despair and drowning in Tea. It was in-fact painted with Earl Grey tea, and according to Paul himself the tea was 'heavily steeped'. The idea of being ‘heavily steeped’ is echoed in the nature of the Orange winemaking process, in our case this enigmatic wonder is macerated or “steeped” on it’s skins for just over two weeks, providing the entrancing hue of orange you see within the bottle. Also, rhymes with door hinge rhymes with…Orange.