the hatch 2019 Franc Says Relax
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the hatch 2019 Franc Says Relax

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the taste

In the chaos that is everyday life, a reminder to relax is a bit of sage advice, coming from a savoury sage-y/black fruit driven Cab. This “Franky” has been relaxing & building up its backbone for 38 months in a selection of entirely new barrels. It heapes with classically Cabernet structure & exudes a balance of both business & party sensibilities.

the story

Just like Frankie was saying in the eighties “Relax!”. We’re saying the same now, but via a different Frankie. The 2018 Franc Says Relaxis a highly coveted bit of Cabernet Franc created solely for you, our beloved friends. The elusive nature of this bottle makes it one worth hoarding, just like a “Frankie says Relax” t-shirt.



Mama D Vineyard

Oak Aging:

38 months, 100% new