the hatch 2019 Dynasty White
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the hatch 2019 Dynasty White

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With the Dynasty white, extravagant opulence was the goal and mashing up 70% Viognier, 15% Roussanne, 9% Riesling(#RieslingRenaissance) and 6% Müller-Thurgau proved to be the winning combination we were seeking. This wine defied vineyards, and it goes beyond the grapes themselves.

Pow! It makes your taste buds come alive!

Inspired by Paul’s work, ‘Hobo Dynasty’, our Dynasties are wines made for the pure, hedonistic sake of the wines themselves and will always be the pinnacle of the hatch wine hierarchy.


Graced with an elephant, roman numerals, and sleek custom bottle, The Hatch Dynasty White looks aspirational. The nose is an aromatic explosion that would make even the gods of Viognier weep, and the palette is a textural melange of orchard fruit, baking spice, and hope for days to come.