the hatch 2018 'hobo series' Gamay
the hatch 2018 'hobo series' Gamay
Thumbnail image of: the hatch 2018 'hobo series' Gamay
Thumbnail image of: the hatch 2018 'hobo series' Gamay

the hatch 2018 'hobo series' Gamay

the hatch


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the hatch ‘Hobo Series’ Gamay - In July 1395, the Duke of Burgundy Philippe the Bold outlawed the cultivation of Gamay; he banned the "vile and disloyal" Gamay as unfit for human consumption. Guaranteed that guy never took a single wine class in his life. So yeah, this grape has been kicked around for 600+ years and of course to us it's the perfect red grape for this series. For years, I've always described Gamay as 'the poor man's Pinot Noir' which is totally apt and also because I'm poor as well and like to drink wines. Gamay is less about the what, than the where. You put it in the right place, give it some love and it quickly becomes loyal and unvile. Ours is classic; it's got the red fruit and rhubarb. it's got a little toast. It's got the flavour, but that hint of delicacy. This is a Gamay that would make Phil change his tune.

The ‘Hobo Series’.
First off, the definition of ‘hobo’
ho·bo (hō′bō)
n. pl. ho·boes or ho·bos
1. One who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood.
2. A migrant worker.

We had a large debate on whether we should embrace the term hobo with these wines. First of all, the piece of Paul’s art that we used to create these labels is called ‘Tolsoy and the hobo moth’ after-all; and calling it the hobo series seemed very natural. After seeing the above definition of ‘hobo’ to us it also conjured up images of certain grapes that for whatever particular reason don’t get the credit and respect some other more famous grape colleagues have enjoyed over the years. All these grape, per se, have traveled from their homes in search of, to us at least, adventure and much less so notoriety. So in this line-up, we honour a range of less appreciated grapes and their true hobo spirit.