the hatch 2017 Merle
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the hatch 2017 Merle

the hatch


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the taste

Raised for 2 years in new French Oak, this site seems to produce dark, tannic wines. Merle has elegance, but also tonnes of depth and intensity. Inky is a great word to describe it too. He’s a big boy right now so I think giving it some time will pay off dearly.

the story

Meet Merle! We say. How could I meet a man I do not know? You ask. The proverbial dilemma: when does a stranger become an acquaintance, and an acquaintance a friend? To better acquaint ourselves perhaps we begin with the origins. Merle was born out of a displaced collection of some pretty killer Merlot. We knew this merlot had to become something special, thus enter Paul, the artist. Paul created this incredible piece inspired by the supposed origin of the word Merlot. The well-known grape took its name from the French word for blackbirds (Merle, AKA Oiseau Noir) as Merlot is their favourite grape to steal. Thus, Merle was born; our Merlot thief. Although a thief, he’s a friendly one, and we think Merle should be your friend.