Talking Stories 2015 White
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Talking Stories 2015 White

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Talking Stories White 2015 Okay, they suggest pairing this with air — yes oxygen. Guess this BC white wine is pretty versatile. Love the humour. Medium-bodied with spicy floral note. Perfect for seafood and breathing. – 88 points, Natalie Maclean Winner of a SILVER medal at the 2016 National Wine Awards of Canada! The official wine of Huey Lewis and The News.   One of the most anticipated releases in the history of wine, the Talking Stories white wine was released to coincide with the Queens Diamond Jubilee. A blend of the most prestigious Pinot family grapes; Gris, Blanc and the upstart and sassy Auexerois. If you could drink Chanel N°5 , and you can if you want (we have, don't judge) than the Talking Stories White is perfect for you or your family and some of your friends. rated 98 points from National Geographic magazine, November 2015. Find out more about these stories at their very own website: