hatchpack of sensual sensations - March
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hatchpack of sensual sensations - March

the hatch


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Get ready for life with a hatch pack red white and blush. Pay $99, shipping included. (that $99 is the all in tax included price) Your sensual desires return with an Ides of March 3 pack of love and a salute to our favourite wine maker and regional rock star, Jason Parkes. This pack we put together a bottle of Gobsmacked Cyclops Love, with a snappy label conveniently drawn by his daughter, a bottle of Crown + Thieves 'Scoundrels Punch' red and because we can a bottle of your favourite alcohol based cephalopod, the Octobubble. With Spring/Summer apparently right around the corner, I'm also throwing in a sick-ass pair of hatch sunnies too. Want more!? First five or so boxes will receive a free Proper Man vinyl album (that's Js band, if you did not know that). How great is that!? You can drink his wine, listen to his music and all the while mentally picturing yourself rubbing his belly and watching him giggle and squeak like the adorable little creature we all know he is.   Literally do NOT delay.