Gobsmacked 2021 Sweet P
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Gobsmacked 2021 Sweet P

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the taste

A cordially Cordial (the lime kind) invitation to imbibe in an exceptional liquid. The Sweet P of 2021 is a stylistic snap-shot of the year itself, bouncing between waves of supple sipping & electric acid tinges at the fringes. Even here in a lighter sense of libation, there’s some magic in the mouthfeel.

 the story (In Brodie’s own words)

My daughter Sienna has been a friend of Jason’s daughter Rowan from the time she was a baby. I’m not sure Jason and I would have become such close friends if it weren’t for that. Now through our friendship, I have a hobby that I can call a career and a sister wine to Rowan’s Cyclops Love that I can dedicate to my daughter and her friendship.  This one came easy too, I’ve called Sienna “sweet pea” from the time she was very little, so it seemed only natural to call this wine: a blend of 3 different Pinot grapes, by the same name. The art was made when she was around 8 years old, when she brought it home, I snapped a quick pic and sent it to Jason, knowing it was going to be the next gobsmacked. Having her very own label has been a treat for her! Also, she wanted everyone to know that it’s a drawing of a dog, its name: “Rainbow Jelly”. (Of Course.)

the grapes

P3; the white Pinots! Pinot Gris, Blanc, and Auxerrois.