Gobsmacked 2021 Pink Bobby
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Gobsmacked 2021 Pink Bobby

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the taste

A bespectacled beautician & expert of effervescence! A sippable sorbet of sorts, or perhaps perfectly Pinot driven Sherbert. Early Strawberry & other Berry Babies of the brightest order. Lightly dancing his/her/their way on your taste-buds.

the story (In Jason’s own words)

Ah yes, Bobbly. This was drawn by my daughter Piper after finding out that Brodie was having a baby boy. She was insistent he call him Bob. I have a good friend named Bob. Apparently, he’s made a big impression on Piper. Fact is, he’s made a big impression on us all. You see, Bob is the man behind the hatch, black swift, crown ‘n thieves, and this whole JPC endeavor. Without him, we would truly be nowhere, and we are forever grateful. The next time you are celebrating and crack open a bottle of Bobbly, raise a glass to Bob for me. Oh, and unfortunately for Piper (and Bob), Brodie didn’t name his son Bob.

the grapes

95% Pinot Noir, 5% Merlot