Gobsmacked 2020 Cyclops Love
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Gobsmacked 2020 Cyclops Love

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the taste

This marvelous vintage of Magic Marker & Crayola appropriately "one eye's" it's way through the style gambit. The rebellious assembly of Cyclops is driven by Gew, Savvy B. Muscat & a laundry list of other light bright aromatic friends.

Bouncing betwixt Perfume, mounds of Ruby Red Grapefruit style Citrus & intense freshness. Another addition to the Cyclops Love story.


the story (In Jason’s own words)

I’ve always had a thing for the Germanic aromatics, and when I taste a good blend, a huge smile will grow across my face. If its one of mine, I feel intense pride but if it’s someone else’s, I gotta admit I feel a little jealous.

This one consistently makes me smile. Yes, I am very happy with the blend, but what makes me smile the most is the picture I get in my head when I drink it: My daughter sitting at the kitchen table with her sisters, scribbling away at the cyclops art and handing it over to me with a huge smile on her face. It feels like so much time has passed since then. Now that she’s older I don’t get to see much of her drawings, but when I drink this wine, I remember that moment like it was yesterday.