Gobsmacked 2018 Cyclops Love
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Gobsmacked 2018 Cyclops Love

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Never before have we tasted a wine like this. At once, it’s fat and rich but also blessed with laser-like acidity. You don’t see a wine with this much lusciousness that is also refreshing to drink. Lots of fruit flavours and underpinned by a beguiling sense of minerality. Like the label, this wine is as unique as anything you will ever find.

Cyclops this year is a masterful mixture of Riesling, da Gew and a smidge bit of Muller-Thurgau all grown over in East Kelowna. 

The fascinating label was drawn by Jason’s 9 year old daughter


‘Spontaneously delicious! Grounded soul, with electric function’ – An actual review of Cyclops Love