the hatch 2016 Dynasty White
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the hatch 2016 Dynasty White

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'The Dynasty White goal is extravagant opulence which explains a chardonnay mixed with sémillon and a dash of muscat. The nose opens with a strong floral, honey, spicy, baked pear aromas setting you up for a lush mid-palate held together by a light thread of citrus. The chardonnay and the sémillon is fermented in older oak before spending nine months in stainless steel barrels on their lees to promote texture and freshness. A touch of muscat was added at the end bringing a sweet fat floral note to the glass. Think Thai, Indian or Chinese menus for the best food match. 88 points' - Anthony Gismondi, Gismondi on Wine. Tasted Feb 12 2018 Inspired by Paul’s work, ‘Hobo Dynasty’, our Dynasties are wines made for the pure, hedonistic sake of the wines themselves and will always be the pinnacle of the hatch wine hierarchy. With the Dynasty White, extravagant opulence was the goal and combining Chardonnay, Semillon and a dash of Muscat proved to be the winning combination we were seeking. This wine defied vineyards, and it goes beyond the grapes themselves. After fermenting the Chard and Sem in older oak, we allowed this wine to further develop for 9 months in stainless steel barrels on their lees to create a wine of wine up front texture while retaining a sense freshness. The Muscat was an accouterments at the end of the process, and who doesn't love Muscat.