Crushable Convertible Cruise
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Crushable Convertible Cruise

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Ever fancy the feeling of a care-free convertible cruise on life's wonderful winding road?
On the precipice of the half-way tipping point of another spectacular & strange year, this "Crushable Convertible Cruise" is carefully curated to impart & elicit Sun-Soaked, Sun-Drunk dreaminess. 
A Crushable, Quaffable collection for the dog days of Summer. Liquid Summer Lovin' of the echelon of Sandy & Danny..."Have you a blast" & such.
The road your cruisin' is paved in: 
  • 1 x '19 B.Secco (Prosecco-esque Perfection Purveyed 100%)
  • 1 x '19 Hobo Gewürz (Awesome Aromatic Adventure)
  • 1 x '19 Gobsmacked Sweet P. (Gosh, You're Gorgeous)
  • 1 x '16 Oaky Doaky Chardonnay (Exclusively Exceptional)
  • 1 x '20 Pearl (Dog Driven Day Drinking Darling)
  • 1 x '18 Hobo Gamay (Chillable Grill-able Greatness)
    In honour & homage to this next half of your Sumptuous Summer, this is priced precisely at HALF of 2021.
    "You only ever go half-way once, no matter the length of journey, adventure or quest"
    -the hatch