Crown + Thieves 2019 Pinky Blinders
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Crown + Thieves 2019 Pinky Blinders

the hatch


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The Taste:

Raspberry jam with a bit of spice and juicy cherries. The perfect wine to drink all the livelong day! Goes especially great with Pork Tenderloin and Seared Tuna.

The Story:

 “Few are the thieves who wear a crown, yet many of its wearer's thieves!”

We don’t follow many rules here, but the ones we do follow we never break. We don’t whine, we make wine, and we never choose “easy”; we always choose “best”. These simple rules are applied to our craft every day and they contribute to making a wine that we are proud of. Proud enough to serve to royalty, for all our drinkers are wearers of the crown. Cheers to you, your highness!