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Let’s start with the art: Inspired by Paul’s beautiful ‘Space Vagabond’, this piece featuring the legendary scientist Gerard Kuiper and the now official cat of the hatch, Buttons, seemed like the perfect new addition to the hatch pantheon of intergalactic hobos.

Aw, we love Buttons!: Same. Buttons was Paul’s Aunt and Uncles’ cat who lived near Keremeos. From the stories Paul has told this cat was larger than life and a real character himself.

Cepage, s’il vous plait: 100% Cabernet Franc

Where’d the name come from?: The key word here is ‘Smoke’. These grapes came from Desert Valley in the Golden Mile, where in 2015 wildfires were a major issue in The Okanagan creating very smokey conditions at exactly the wrong time; during verasion when grape babies are the most sensitive. We found the smoke adds an added layer of intensity to the wine and notes that remind me of a peaty Scotch. We want our wines to be authentic reflections of their plot of land, and thus this is the creation of its given climat at that time.

C’est une vin de cépage aussi de terroir?: Mais bien sûr!


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‘Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.’ – Carl Sagan