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the hatch ‘Octobubble’ Brut Rose

The hatch ‘Brut Rose’, colloquially known as the ‘OctoBubble’  is a very sentimental wine, due to it being estranged from us for some time in a location almost as obscure and isolated as Elba. The octopus is floating in Champagne while throwing wine barrels with Napoleon stranded on his head. The piece could not capture our feelings about this bottle any better…
So don’t just waste it on ‘celebrations’, okay? This is a bubble for every day. Did you wake up, go to work and then got yourself safely back home? If you answered yes or no to that question, this bubble is right for you. It’s dry (brut), it’s bubbly and its tasty; what more do you need. Pair this wine with being alive or bring to a funeral ’cause those things can be a bit of a drag.


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The sexpot cephalopod is back!

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