Jon Q. Bernard

Webster's dictionary defnes the word 'Jonathan' as
1. a son of Saul and friend of David according to the account in I Samuel
2. american; especially : a New Englander
3. a medium-sized red-skinned apple

I can't think of 3 ways more apt to describe Jonny of our hatch. But wait, there's more to him than just that. Jonny is from Winnipeg, interestingly enough. He moved out this valley of the Okanagans almost 69 fortnights ago on a quest to discover himself and the selves of others. And what has he discovered, this Dora the Explorer of ours?  Mostly that a life without love is hardly a worth living at all. What else do we know about Jonny? Just that he puts the 'p' in passion and that passion is for wine. He's a trusted and valuable member of the team here and we're proud to have the opportunity to exploit his youthfulness for all its worth. He is currently our our D2C manager, so if you're curious about boxes and putting things in those boxes, holla at yo Jonny.

Want to feel the Bern? Have at it: