Grayson was in ‘the hatch’ the day it opened, back in the hinterdays of May 2015. This was a simpler time back then for reasons beyond us. But also, that was thee day Grayson decided to become a ‘man’ so to say. That was the day he decided to work for us, ‘the hatch’.
It took about 12 months of convincing us that he should actually work here though. He’s from Ontario, and worked for wineries out there; so theoretically he knew what he was doing. And boy was he ever right! In May of 2016 we called him and literally said ‘Cabin boy, it’s time you became a Cabin Man!’ And with that, Grayson was born. Born, and hired. Thusly, Grayson drove cross country in a car that doesn’t even have a muffler to join us at ‘the hatch’.
He’s passionate, enthusiastic and chiplomatic. People like him, and so will you. He works most days, and will dazzle you with his wit and jovial nature, along with his keen sense of grapes.