Experience 3: Sparkling Magic

Experience 3
Sabrage, Shovelage & Other Traditional Disregard:

A guided tutorial through Sparkling Magic.

“For King & Country”, the act of sabrage: a theoretical celebratory activity exercised by Napoleon & cohorts upon victorious fields of battle. Utilizing the blade of a sabre to unleash vibrant Champagne fueled bubbles into the world.

“For Rust & Shovels”, the act of shovelage (shuh-vol-age, phonetically…maybe): a theoretical celebratory activity exercised by Hatchlings & other well-informed members of the populous on truly any occasion. Utilizing the edge of carefully selected shovels to unleash vibrant streams of bubbles into the ether. Blatant disregard & evolution of traditionalism.

“The greatest of misunderstandings is that Sparklers, Fizzy-Bois & Gurlz are only to be imbibed with purpose. Their existence is purpose enough” -literally no one.

2019 “Gobsmacked” White Bobbly AKA Original Bob: The first in the Bob/ Wobbly Bobbly lineage. Ever effervescent & ever evolving the ’19 is a “classic” composition of Char, Roussanne & Savvy. A verifiable champion amidst the mimosa arena. Fueled by the stunning artistic stylings of one: Piper Parkes. Discovered in the bottom of an HVAC box.

Food Pairing: Chevre with a crostini

2019 B. Secco: Long overdue was the addition of a bubble to the lineage within the house of hatch. This is that that is this & such. A fizzy lifting drink worthy of Wonka’s dreams, a sparkler reflective of stylistic predilections of ourselves & hopefully yourself. A refreshing musing of varied Pinots & Chardonnay.

Food Pairing: Upper Bench King Cole Blue Cheese

2019 R. Secco: Well, if the faceless visage of our hatch house is to be represented in a clear incarnation, so it should be that it also exists as a pink one. Pinot Noir & Cab. Sauv are the dynamic duo behind this effervescent breakfast of champions. Truly, Fruit Loops FTW (For the Win).

Food Pairing: Chicken Liver Pate with black tea gel

2019 “Gobsmacked” Pink Bobbly: Oh Bob, what a diverse character you are, in multiple pigments & forms. Driven by the bespectacled Magic Marker masterpiece named “I am Bob” by the über talented & underappreciated artist Piper Parkes of West Kelowna, she really is on the brink of genius & discovery. Bob is the living liquid embodiment of Flirtatious, fruit driven wonder.

Food Pairing: Poached Prawn with coconut curry and chili

2019 Octobubble: An integral piece of hatch historically, almost as important you might say, as the rust on these hallowed walls or shovels. Octo-bubz or any of it’s more infamous monikers has been with us since we opened the antique doors of the joint. Varied in composition over the years, the 2019 is a masterpiece painted with a canvas of Cab. Sauv & various Pinots. The edgiest & most classic sparkler in the line-up. Born out of exile in the Ilse of Elba, and the visage on the label of the same name

Food Pairing: Duck Salami

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