Experience 2: A Red-Handed Hatch (Guilty as charged)

Experience 2 
A Red-Handed Hatch (Guilty as charged)

“I only drink reds”, “Oh do you?” an awfully familiar exchange it seems. Well, the weather outside is weather & perhaps the beckoning call for an adventure solely through our darker inclinations is indeed in order. An exploratory adventure through various liquids of the red kind, across time, space & brands.
2016 Gobsmacked P.S I Love you: To be gobsmacked, is to be left shocked, surprised & awestruck…and here we are as such. Pinot & Syrah perhaps are not traditionally bedfellows you would think, historically though, bits & bites of Syrah have been used to amplify the colour/structural bones of Pinot in quiet secret. But in this reminder of our varied liquid love affairs, there are no secrets. Black Plum, Subtle Spice, Romance. Yep.

Food Pairing: Lamb Prosciutto

2017 Bury the Hatchet: An ode to the past, the present, the ambiguity of the future & the tumultuous mayhem/magic it may hold. The proverbial Merlot “hatchet” as perpetuated by a certain film, is long buried in this here valley. Merlot drives the bus as far as red acreage is concerned ‘round these parts & within the confines of this bottle. Lush & surprisingly gentle in nature.

Food Pairing: Pecorino Cheese

2017 Portmanteau of Merit & Heritage: A dynamic marriage of wine & words in the most cyclical of senses. It means what it’s called, it exudes what it means. Sliding into the skeletal form of a certain dino, this particular digit is defined by: Merlot, Petit Verdot & Malbec with supporting roles from Cabernet. Portmanteau drinks like a firm handshake yet equally warm hugs…what a dichotomy.

Food Pairing: Roasted Fennel and Mushroom

2017 Merle: The bearded, hobo/hillbilly friend you’ve been seeking...or the mythological provenance of Merlot...or a bi-lingual black bird reference. The second incarnation of Merle the Merlot man, Jagger’s rockin’ vineyard is the Similkameen source. The Darkest of fruit, the gentlest of spice, the majesty for price. Merle is no fair-weather friend, suitable for immediate enjoyment or long-term relationships.

Food Pairing: Upper Bench King Cole Blue Cheese

2016 Dynasty Red: Under the layers of rust, shovels & wood, there is a prolific & wondrous hatch-story AKA history. The Dynasty, a nod to our hopes of a remarkable liquid legacy, will in likelihood outlive most antiquities within our walls. A composition driven by a selection of the best of the vintage, the best of ourselves present and past. Osoyoos magic built this house, and it built it of Merlot, Syrah & Malbec. Highly regarded, much acclaimed & presently worth 1 billion gold stars.

Food Pairing: Coffee and Peppercorn Beef Brisket

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