Experience 1: A Parade of Vegabonds

Experience 1
A Parade of Vagabonds

Hobo: Oft associated with negative connotation, in truth; a hybridization of words meaning homeward bound. At Casa Hatch, these hobos find solace.

The punk-rock spirit & affinity for living against the grain has instilled a love for “the underdog” and the underappreciated. The carefully curated “hobo series” has always stood as a testament to the varietals, styles & expressions of vinification outside of the limelight/normalcy. A full parade of these hobos, vagrants & vagabonds is a sight to admire & behold with reverence.

2019 Lifecycle of a Hobo: Fueled by a wondrous canvas of the same moniker, Lifecycle of a Hobo sits atop a hobo throne. An obscure hybrid of Madeleine Royale & Riesling, Müller Thurgau is the grape. In the inception of Okanagan wine, Müller held a heavier foothold based on cool-climate suitability but has since fallen by the wayside. A racy spine of acidity, oily viscosity driven by varietal nature & lees aging.  A textural Citrus Bomb.

Food Pairing: Apple Cheddar Salad

2019 Hobo Muscat: Ah, to be sweet...or misunderstood as such. Muscat becomes a categorical hobo based on the oft incorrect assumption of overwhelming sweetness & excessive RS. In truth, Muscat offers broad potential as a lean & hyper-aromatic wonder. This is that! Born of Stone’s Throw in North Oliver. Orange blossom, pretty, pretty flowers & tangerine drive das bus.

Food Pairing: Blue Cheese with Marmalade

2019 Hobo Gew/Gewürz: This multi-syllabic tongue twister has been throwin’ wrenches into glasses forever. Between the long & perhaps challenging pronunciation/association with sweetness, Gew gets a bad wrap so undeservingly. Ours leans to a brighter, more opulent textural direction whilst checking off the boxes of citrus, floral sex-appeal & electric acid. Evolving into an enigmatic animal.

Food Pairing: Raclette Cheese with Local Honey

2018 Hobo Gamay: To live in the shadows of a sibling, is a tricky thing. Gamay has garnered a cult following within these rusty walls, mostly due to its proclivity to a club of Cactus’s. Hatched of the home farm & defying expectation. Whereas Gamay is often delicate, medium bodied fruit punch...this packs punch. Dark Cherries early is the season whilst still sharp & pleasantly meaty. Gamay, you dreamy.

Food Pairing: Chicken Liver Pate

2019 Hobo Cab. Franc AKA Hobo Franky: Always a back-up singer, never the front man. Franc takes backseat to Sauv .often in the Cabernet arena, but here lives in the limelight. Perpetually a favourite, ’18 breeds a smokey, deli-esque expression vs. previous vintages. Pairs most dynamically with advice on “How to Calm Down”.

Food Pairing: Fennel Wild Boar Salami

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