Born, as they say, in the tooth of a gale, Andrew Melville was born and raised in Bangor, Maine. A love of the sea runs deep with-in this grizzled old sea dog and Andrew spent most of his early years as an amateur sailor. Once the call of the sea abated, Andrew attended Vasser College where he earned a Masters in Astrobiology. But life on land was not for him, and lo It was with this degree he set out to work back at sea, with Carnival Cruise Lines. Tirelessly dedicated to clean lavatories and customer service, he quickly climbed the ranks and become Chief Steward aboard the ‘Carnival Imagination’ in 2004. In 2009, on a port of call to Vancouver (Washington) Andrew met his wife, Big Linda and decided to retire from the service; returning to the land once life began. Emigrating to The Okanagan in 2014, Andrew has transitioned his sea based skills to wine country and is now instrumental in all aspects of life at ‘the hatch’. Andrew and Big Linda are still happily married, and are expecting their 3rd child in the spring of 2016.

Andrew loves email, and email loves Andrew –