2018 the hatch 'Dynasty White'

'Graced with an elephant, roman numerals, and sleek custom bottle, The Hatch Dynasty White looks aspirational. The nose is a perfect aromatic mélange of all the grapes chosen for the 2018, with scents of fruit cocktail, white peach, lime sorbet and butter-sautéed apples. The grapes change year-by-year in this self-declared decadent white, and the 2018 sports 50% viognier, 25% chardonnay, 16% pinot blanc, and 9% riesling. All the varieties do their job on the palate too, with juicy orange, ripe mango, and tropical citrus which suffuses the mouth with unctuous fruit and just enough acidity to to keep you interested and coming back for more. Neutral barrels have helped to air the fruit, and plenty of lees stirring has plumped the palate. Meant for fun and pairing with a big dish like takeout sweet and sour ribs, or chicken with orange glaze. 88 points'
- DJ Kearny, Gismondi on Wine Nov 5 2019