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ho ho hatch your so-called holiday guide to the good life

Let’s face it, the calendar says it’s now December and apparently that means it’s time to once again frivolously spend your hard earned money on other people; be they family, friend or casual well-wisher. For once though, let’s not resent this annual parade of overwhelming consumerism and instead enjoy life a bit all the while living easier from the comfort of your home or home office presumably in your sexy underwear(s). The 17th annual ‘hatch holiday helplist’ has all the good stuff you need satisfy yourself and the most discerning of others whether it be a great bottle of wine at any price or something else from that winery. Don’t ever forget, we’re for you but you can also order us right to your door too. For a limited time, use coupon code ‘xxxmas* on any of the products shown to receive 12% off your purchase.

Check out these wines that are best enjoyed orally or as a fantastic yet inexpensive gift while you hoard the extra-good stuff to yourself.

2017 B. Yanco – $15.99
All day, all night. B. Yanco will be by yourside for any and all moments that you might need. B is your ‘ride or die’, but also good to pawn off on the inlaws too. Our Boy B, makes your taste buds come alive!

2017 Talking Stories Red – $16.99
Recently awarded 94 points by ‘Elle Magazine’, this quaff-able Bx blend packs a lot of flavour for the low low price. Great on its own, with light appies and a range of meats or mushrooms.

2016 Screaming Frenzy Meritage – $26.99
Ride the dino and let the birds take you away to Happytown. A blend of PV, Malbec and Merlot, what more do you really need to know? The ultimate in red wine deliciousness to share with people you actually like.

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2016 Cyclops Love – $19.99
Nothing says holiday funtimery like a love-able and flavorful cyclops. A perennial favourite this wine makes for a wonderful talking point during awkward meals or get togethers.

Here are the extra special rare hatch goodies. You worked really hard this year, and yes you do deserve to treat yourself.

2015 Black Swift Vineyards ‘Pinecrest Vy.’ Chardonnay, $49.99

Only a few cases left of these living legend, from what was the oldest block of Chardonnay in The Okanagan. A truly memorable and cerebral wine to be contemplated properly.

2014 Screaming Frenzy ‘Cabernet Franc’ – $27.99

The people’s choice. Celebrate life, celebrate liberty. Celebrate the days and the nights. Celebrate loved ones and enemies alike. Celebrate new begins. Pair this wine with Voltaire andor JJ Rousseau.

2014 Crown + Thieves ‘Broken Barrel’ Syrah – $69.68

Aged for 2+ annums in a mix of American Oak barrels unfurls all the meat, smoke and spice you could want all in a hyper-unique fashion truly unique that exact piece of land. This time around though, the only thing that was broken in the process was the winemaker, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

The Clone Collection – regular $135 – special price $119.99

Get your clone collection now in this artisan handheld cardboard box! Perfect Christmas gift for you or someone you might know. Get your 115, 667 and 777 Pinot Noirs from Stones Throw Vineyard. Try all three, pick your favourite.

When the wine itself isn’t enough, here are some alternative ideas for you. Drink like us, and now look like us too. 

hatch jam – $9.99

Jam that hatch! hatch that Jam! Now you too can spread us out on your toast every morning with hatch jam from local cool people, Rad Jamz. This is all Pinot Noir based and is the best jam you can have for $9.99.

the hatch ‘coffee optional’ mug – $9.99

Say hello to Juan Valdez in style with this snappy looking 16oz mug that can hold a wide range of liquids beit coffee, heated chocolate water, hot ham water or a range of tea-leaf based beverages. The choice is yours!

Various Posters – $12.99 for small, $29.99 for large

Have you ever looked at one of our labels and thought ‘this would look great on my wall!’? Well here is your chance to spruce up your living arrangements or work situations too. Available in a handful of styles and scents.

Grayson Riordan, Prince of Tides – $52.99 OBO

Imagine the joy of unwrapping your very own Grayson on Christmas morning! This is exactly what the kids have been asking for plus he’s great at all your janitorial needs; he’s the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t delay, quantities are limited!

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