the hatch 2021 Rose Ahtow
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the hatch 2021 Rose Ahtow

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the taste

Even though there’s been a few iterations of Ms. Rose within the stable of house liquids, she too is a chameleonic animal that changes and evolves in the vintage driven waves of Mother Nature. More of a delicate darling this go around, choosing a lighter shade of pale as far as outfits (colour) is concerned. The same could be said about her racy raspberry bones & beauty in a glass (size becomes dramatically irrelevant here, swing for the fence…whether its all 750mls or not!).



the story

Most people have an opinion one way or another when it comes to the wines with a pinkish hue, but as always, we at the hatch like to push the boundaries of the common place & buck against the norms. Consider it our little contribution to water cooler conversations that take place at work, or the rip-roaring arguments found during those hot extended Saturday nights of summer. Whatever our approach is, its clear we always try to put our best foot forward. However, we can’t please everyone, no matter how hard we try. If this rosé wine tickles your fancy, then we hope you can procure as much of it as you need. If it does not, perhaps you should keep trying it over and over again, until you too fall in love…