the hatch 2021 Auxerrois that Endserrois
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the hatch 2021 Auxerrois that Endserrois

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Pinot Auxerrois has often been referred to as Pinot Blanc and even Chardonnay. To say that it has a little bit of an identity crisis would be an understatement. We want to give this grape some much-needed attention and burn away the memories of its old identity. It may have been a bumpy road for Auxerrois but all in all, we hope that we can help create a happy ending of sorts. As the saying goes "All’s well that ends well." Forever and Always!

The taste: It makes sense that this grape is often referred to as Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc when you get a taste (and a whiff, for that matter) of this unique baby. On the nose you get bright, stone-fruit driven aromatics, while the pallet has a lively acidity and chalky minerality. Although not a love child of the of Chard and Blanc...we sure do love the similarities.