the hatch 2016 Bury the Hatchet Red
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the hatch 2016 Bury the Hatchet Red

the hatch


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the taste

This here vintage of hatchet is buried in a full on VIP list of grape varieties. In decending order of appearance within the bottle are: Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, Merlot, Malbec, Syrah & Pinot Noir. Deep Red Fruit and Plum with notes of leather and smoke go down with a long dark chocolate finish.

the story

Even the best of friends have their disagreements, sometimes those disagreements can turn into full-on fights, and sometimes those fights leave scars. It has been a whirlwind around here for the past few years, and there have been a few wrinkles along the way. The dust is only just now starting to settle and I find myself sitting back and looking at all the people who helped get us to where we are today. None of this would have been possible without them and they all have left their mark. Some of those marks were given as they left and have since turned into scars, scars that I had a part in creating. The thing about scars is that they can hurt a lot, but usually, they are the most painful at the moment they are created. The hard part is learning how to allow those scars to heal and never let it fester.

I've tried to teach myself to bury the hatchet, ignore old wounds and put away all the BS of the past and because of that I still hold out hope for the possibility of reconciliation. In recent days we reunited with a few old friends, and now our relationship is stronger than ever. This gives me hope. When all is said and done, I just hope everyone who took part in this crazy journey can look at what we built together with pride, and smile at the things we were able to accomplish during so much chaos, and in my happiest dreams, we can do that together.