Screaming Frenzy 2016 Meritage

Screaming Frenzy 2016 Meritage

the hatch


Vintage of the century  2016

Vineyard – Jaggers Rock

Region – Similkameen Valley

Thoughts – The official Dinosaur of all things good times returns to the Similkameen Valley for its 2016 vintage. Located near Cawston, Jaggers Rock is situated perfectly in the hottest micro-climate in all the Valley. Line with large, dark slate like rocks give these sexy grapes an even sexier ripening bonus. That means more flavour for you!
Why you should care – This wine has developed a fair reputation for being a big brute, and for serious this might be our best yet. A truly debauched blend of 47% Merlot, 39% Petit Verdot and 14% Malbec. Now you do the math. Is that your final answer? Well, let’s hope you came up with ‘What is a ripe, super textured and powerful wine with oodles of loganberry compote, cinnamon and lavender dusted leather. This my favourite BC red wine.’ Somewhere, Pat SaJak is smiling away.