Gobsmacked 2020 Flipping the Bird Rose
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Gobsmacked 2020 Flipping the Bird Rose

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the taste

In the words of the ever charismatic Harry Styles “Tastes like Strawberries, on a Summer evening”. Happens to drink like Watermelon Slices at halftime, all the Berries & Savoury Sage-y Spice. Best accompanied with your favourite hot pocket or other Junky goodness. Also, best enjoyed inverted...Flip.that.Bird.


the story (In Jason’s own words)

A few years back my parents founded Parrot Island, a non-profit sanctuary for abandoned and abused exotic birds in Peachland BC.  My father saw a growing need for a facility to house the birds that are later abandoned by their owners due to the problems that can arise when a child is given a parrot as a gift.  Parrots are intelligent animals with long lifespans, and over time can develop antisocial behaviour when their owners “move on” to other things.  With a waiting list of over 100 birds, the need for donations never wanes.  That’s where this bottle of wine comes in.  100 percent of the profits from the sale of this bottle will be donated to Parrot Island.  I hope that this will not only help raise the money needed to continue operating the facility but will also help to raise awareness.