Crown + Thieves 2018 Doc Gew
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Crown + Thieves 2018 Doc Gew

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Grown by a Doctor friend of Jason’s, in fact his affable vet. These grapes from his small, south facing 2 acre vineyard right on the lake in Summerland. ‘You go to Alsace, and this grape produces some of the most ethereal wines in the world. Outside Alsace? Hasn’t really happened.’ I’ve been known to say about this grape variety, especially in BC. This vineyard being close to Jason himself personally, he wanted to take this plot and grape to a next level so he aged the wine in two old French puncheons, were he kept it on their lees for 10 months with daily lees stirring going on. Effectively dry, in the sense it has no sugar, this Gew the way it’s meant to be. This ought to be your holiday time meal wine; this will crush with Turkey and fixings. As an aside, I’ve had 17 year bottle of Gew that Jason made back in the day and it was alive so if that wine can go 17 years, I feel this wine can go at least decade too. How about you have it over the holidays, mull it over then holla at yo boi here and we’ll go from there?