Gobsmacked 2021 Sparkling Bobbly
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Gobsmacked 2021 Sparkling Bobbly

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the taste

A bespactaled & beautiful liquid driven by the Crayola & Lipstick awesomeness emblazoned on the label. This vintage gives off some aromatic Ginger Greatness & Spice, Sweetly Candied Apples (both normal and the Pine kind 😉). He’s both Round & Electric in Spirit with a mighty Peachy disposition.

the story (In Jason’s own words)

Ah yes, Bobbly. This was drawn by my daughter Piper after finding out that Brodie was having a baby boy. She was insistent he name him Bob.

I have a good friend named Bob. Apparently, he’s made a big impression on Piper. The fact is, he’s made a big impression on us all. You see, Bob is the man behind the hatch, black swift, crown ‘n thieves, and this whole JPC endeavour. Without him, we would truly be nowhere, and we are forever grateful. The next time you are celebrating and crack open a bottle of Bobbly, raise a glass to Bob for me. Oh, and unfortunately for Piper (and Bob), Brodie didn’t name his son Bob.

the grapes

Roussanne, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris