the hatch Ross O. 2021
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the hatch Ross O. 2021

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One should expect that with age comes wisdom, after all it was once said by longtime friend and protégé of Ross, Bertrand Russell, 'to conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom'. Over the annuum’s as we've come to know and begrudgingly love Ross; mutually we've all learned to get over our fear of success as much as our fear of failure. 2019 of the Common Era was a year of mixed emotions and sweet relief. Ross represents all the emotions of an entire year, and of a generation. Ross represents the hopes, the dreams and tears of you and I. Huzzah to a new year, Ross; and a mighty huzzah to you my humble imbiber. Together, we grow in knowledge.

Comprised of Pinot...and also, Merlot! 

the story

What does it mean to have truly lived a life one might ask? Very few of us have any sort of answer of depth or of validity. What is to adventure? Is it true that not all that that wander is lost? It was the great author Salman Rushdie, a man Ross considers a friend and contemporary, who said of him ‘Sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts.’ But where does the story of Ross begin and where does it end? But more important, what does it mean to live, and if we are indeed alive as we might speculate, is our life linear? What was there before there was anything? If there was nothing before there was something, then was that nothing in fact something