the hatch 2021 'hobo series' Gewurztraminer
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the hatch 2021 'hobo series' Gewurztraminer

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the taste

There are many things synonymous with Gewürz, and this historically bucks against/shirks traditionalism, at least in a broad sense of understanding.


2021 bred a Benchmark Beautician of a Floral & Bountiful Blossom bound nature. Also, exudes Nectarine Nectar beyond your wildest dreams. Mouthfeel for Miles & Miles (Kilometers just doesn’t have the same ring to it).


the story

The Hobos of the Great Depression served as a huge inspiration for both us and Paul. Hobo, not being a slur but deriving from “Homeward Bound”. The self-titled hobos of the depression would ride the rails, and wander from town to town. Using Paul’s transportive art, which was painted atop an antique map, we combined the thematic ideology of this composition in conjunction with the idea that some grape varietals take on the notion of being a ‘hobo’. Our reasoning for slotting Gewurztraminer as a hobo comes in two-fold: firstly, it’s something of a nightmare to pronounce and the slew of syllables often leave it forgotten and ignored on a wine list. Secondly, it is typically associated with being sweet, and in our tradition of dispelling pre-conceived notions, we show it in a different light, a dry-sugarless light.