the hatch 2021 A Gris to Disagree
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the hatch 2021 A Gris to Disagree

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the taste

Gimme Peach Pits & Lemon Bits, if it’s born in an Orchard field, this Gris has got ALL of it. I think we can safely “A-Gris this is a highly satiating thing. Taut, Lean & Lively the whole live long day.

the story

This bottle is the third release of “Grizzle Grandeur” from Casa hatch! Wait a minute, how could it only be, you ask? You see we used to have one in our little shack, but the little birdy who lent it to us flew the coop recently and took all its wine with it. This nearly left us with an empty nest! It’s almost enough to get yourself into a screaming frenzy over. Thankfully plans were made, and plans were laid. We were sitting on a solution this entire time and now it is finally ready to hatch. Here she is, our A Gris to Disagree, with all the flavor, all of the style, and none of the monastic flair of our friar -er- prior offering!