the hatch 2020 Pearl
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the hatch 2020 Pearl

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the taste: A first of her kind, the marvellous, magnanimous Ms. Pearl. An unconventional, highly crushable incarnation of white wine. Ms. Pearl abounds in bountiful mounds of White Peach, Honey & Orange Blossoms on the nose. She’s voloptuos in nature, astonishingly well rounded texturally. She drinks like a vivacious Viognier & the Pinots just add a waxy bit of harmony. A verifiable banger in a bottle. 

the story: It’s Pearl! The sister wine to our favoured friend of the red kind, Merle. She’s a purveyor of preciously perfumed plonk of the “blanc” persuasion, arriving in a mighty timely fashion to fill the hearts of all with music & laughter. Perpetually perpetuating this “pearl” of wisdom to all “L’eau fait pleurer, le vin fait chanter” (water makes you cry, wine makes you sing). So, let’s sing it out songbirds, now & always!

Also, an homage created & commissioned by everyone’s favourite visual visionary to a wonderfully tiny companion of the K-9 kind.                      

Technical Data:

T.A.: 6.g/litre             

pH: 3.46

Alc.: 12.2%

Description: Viogner, Pinot Auxerrois & Pinot Gris

Oak Aging: None, All Stainless Steel               

Bottling Date: Feb 2021

RS: 1.4 g/litre