the hatch 2017 Merlot Rider
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the hatch 2017 Merlot Rider

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the taste

This rider rides low & slow friends. A testament to the more patient course of action beneficial to this grape that runs rampant throughout the Valley. Leather & Licorice Bones, bound beautifully.  


the story

All my friends know the low rider, The low rider is a little higher, Mer-Low rider drives a little slower, Mer- Low rider is a real goer

- War & the hatch

Merlot is deserving of a much more patient approach in attempt to achieve full Low & Slow Ridin magic, density & depth. This puppy has taken the “long-way around” in the back of an El Caminoby god, aintt it beautiful & bouncy.

the grapes

100% Oliver Merlot