the hatch 2017 I'm Your Huckleberry
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the hatch 2017 I'm Your Huckleberry

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the taste

In reference to the iconic phrase uttered by Doc Holiday, the “Huckleberry” here is a reference to the Ride or Dieculmination of  Malbec & Cabernet Franc. Together here they ride as a brooding & HULKING expression of Dark-Fruit and structure, riding off into the sunset together in an infinity loop.


the story

Named after the verifiably iconic quote from the lips of Doc Holiday, historical accuracy=debateable, beauty from the mouth of Mr. Val Kilmer=certainly. The sentiment is tied to an overwhelming ammount/unwavering level of agreement & partnership, a “to the ends of the earth kind of vibe. In this case, Malbec & Franc go like Huck & Tom Sawyer, dreamy down the riverforever entwined.